Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

I should acknowledge that the only pictures posted here are the ones that feature Nila.

There are a number of other spectacular Christmas Eve pictures that I will have to post somewhere else.

This year the Christmas Eve celebration was held at Aunt Vanessa's house. It was Nila's first American Christmas party. I think she enjoyed it.

This is Nila opening presents. She did not sit still for any of it. In fact, this is the only pictorial evidence.

Nila's favorite things: touching the computer and touching the cheesecake.

Nila with Aunt Brandi

Nila with Aunt Erin

Nila with Aunt Vanessa and a cookie.

Nila on the table. Dad in the background.

Nila with her cousins; Sam, Matt and Hannah

Nila wears down. (This is my favorite picture)

Nila changes to PJs. This is also the only picture of Nila with Aunt Kate.

Nila with Grandma Tammy.

The whole gang. And, no, I don't know why Erin and Vanessa look like that.
(back: Aunt Brandi, Hannah, Grandma Christy, Sam, Aunt Vanessa, Grandma Kay, Aunt Vanessa, Nila, Mom, Dad.
Front: April, Uncle Butch, Grandma Tammy, Matt hiding behind, and Aunt Kate)

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Mobea said...

Oh thank you so much! I feel as though I was there with so many really neat pictures. She is just so adorable!!! I just wish that I could hold her and love her and kiss her and hold her and love her and kiss her, well you get the idea. But I know that Gramdma Tammy doubles all of hers so that Nila will get one from Grandma Mo. I miss her sooo much. What a wonderful Christmas gift!!!!!