Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Here they are; the Christmas morning pictures.

There's no commentary because they are all of Nila and pretty self-explanatory.

Isn't she the cutest baby ever? Seriously.

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Mobea said...

Didn't you tell me that Bob has a lot of the pictures of Nila for the past year already printed out? I would love to have hard copies of them. If he could take them to Walgreens and have them copied, I would pay for them at my end. I just need some hard copies rather than going through the process of downloading them all over again. I can wait until you get your new computer though. I need some pictures of her to hang around or set around. I mean, I could download them and then put them on a disk, but if Bob has already done the work, then maybe he could either send me the disk or email it to Walgreens and I can pick them up there. I'm having a Nila fixation. I don't have any pictures to show off!!!