Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You asked for it.

Here are some pictures we took of Nila this week. The first is from an office Christmas party. I know it's small, least it's something. She had a good time, but I think it was a little much. There were a lot of people there and by the end of the evening I think she was really tired.
The second picture, well...I think it's one of her best. I snapped it the other day to show you how she's been grubbing on her fingers lately! Even now as I type this, she's fallen half asleep with them in her mouth. Who needs a pacifier when you have fingers? No, we're not worried she's going to have a malformed palette or anything like that. It's normal. And, see the ceiling fan - she LOVES ceiling fans! She just stares at them and laughs! I think it's like a mobile to her.
Which brings up a point. The toys here are kind of not "approved by the American Pediatric Academy..." if you know what I mean. If any of you "Nila" readers out there are going to send packages in January, would you pop in some 4 month/5 month old appropriate toys for Nila? I think she might be bored. I mean, she DOES look pretty thrilled in that picture, playing with the fan and all, doesn't she?! But... some variety now and then would be good! hahaha...
ps. we have a really good picture of Nila with our cook that we'll post soon, I promise...Peace!

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Grammy Tammy said...

Thank you for the picture-she is really quite beautiful!! I'm assuming you want toys to leave there and not pack right? Oh, and have you thought of stringing things from the fan for her to watch? (and in asking that, I'm going to assume you know that I meant safe things and not hanging low enough to hit her in the face :)
Love you