Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nila's First Christmas

Luckily for Nila, she won't remember this Christmas.

Not to say it was bad; it wasn't, but she didn't get to experience the traditions she would have been a part of at home. 

Sure, we had a tree (we even put it up the second week of December just like Grandma Tammy would have), but our tree was artificial and a little on the Charlie Brown side. You can see a little bit of the tree in the picture above. 

That's the office cook, by the way. Her name is Draxshan and she wanted a picture with Nila by whit is, I'm sure, the only Christmas tree she's seen up close. (Well, except for the foot-tall tree we keep in our office year round...)

We had a great Christmas Eve dinner (I made a turkey, but burned the cookies) like we would have back home, but without our wonderful family and we had a nice Christmas breakfast at a local hotel.

It was nice, but it wasn't home. 

Lucky for us, Christmas comes every year!


Mobea said...

We'll just pretend that Nila's first Christmas picture with Santa Claus, is Santa dressed up like Draxshan

Devan said...

Ok, so in this picture all I see is a little Bob. I've seen that expression on Bob's face before. Sometimes, I just love genetics.

Aunt Brandi said...

Aw, she is a little Bob in this pic. Looks like an ornament pic that mom had on her tree! She is so beautiful!