Friday, July 24, 2009

Good to Go. Park.

I got the following message from Angie while I am at work today:

So Nila just got her shoes on, gathered her Dora bag, and was standing at the kitchen gate. I asked what was up and she said "good to go park"

So, Angie's going to take her to the park.

Update: I got the following set of messages when they returned. It seems Nila didn't stay at the park too long.

She didn't even stay at the park for long... just long enough to touch everything and swing on the swing once.

Yeah. When we got back, she went to the table, ate some more of her lunch, then brought it to the coffee table, ate some more...then sat with me for half a minute to read that parenting magazine... I said something about her being sleepy, and she got up, got her purple blanket and laid down on the floor.

I had to literally pick her up to take her upstairs.

She is asleep.

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Mobea said...

Look on my post for another "Sleeping Nila" pic