Wednesday, March 18, 2009

18 Month Check Up

Nila went to the doctor this morning for a regular check up.

She weighs 22 pounds and is 33.5 inches long. She's perfectly normal and healthy.

And still beautiful.

This picture is about a week old, now, but she still looks like this. ;-)


Tammy said...

I have to agree, she is beautiful and tall!!! Okay, Mo, you have to know this, since you don't answer emails :) She will laugh, and laugh hard, at the silliest of things. You can throw paper balls at her, or just roll a pizza cutter across a cutting board and she will laugh so hard....she doubles over and her face gets bright red!!! She is really a very happy baby. Our kids are GREAT parents!!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember getting an email from you.But of course i can't remember stuff anymore. I was expecting some kind of comment on my blog from you or someone. Does anyone ever read my blog anymore? I wish I could live near the kids.They would never have their child on the weekends. That would be my time with Nila.They could have her during the week, but i would get her for the weekends. Every weekend. I would have toys set up in the back yard for her and lots of books and things to do. Oh how I wish that could be possible. Even if i could afford to fly up there for one weekend a month. I miss being there as her grandma mo so badly,some days I just want to cry. But thankfully, Bob and Angie and you are really good about keeping me abreast about what is going on in their lives with Nila. I think that they really love being parents. It gives them an excuse to be big kids themselves. Who would have ever thought Bob would be sewing bunnies!!!!