Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to Work

The Internet is back up and running here in Columbus, so Nila is hard at work planning blog updates.

you can expect something from her soon.


Anonymous said...

Good shot!! I don't know who to compliment more--the kid for being so dang cute or the person that thought of this photo op.

Mobea said...

Nila, honey, sweetie, could you write Grandmo Mo or call Grandma Mo with your phone number? You look so cute! Now we know who does the real work around there!
I love you!
Talk to you soon.
Grandmo Mo

Tammy said...

Hi Nila honey,
Grammy Tammy is glad to see you're back to you can tell me how mean mom and dad are to you: making you take naps and eating avacados without chips...meanies!!