Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Round of Applause

Today, Nila stood up.

If we hold her hands, she stand up all the time. She even dances around, but today she pulled herself to standing for the first time.

I was laying on the floor and she used my arm to pull herself up. For some time she just crawled up, raised her body off the ground and balanced on her toes at an angle.

Does that make any sense?

Here's a diagram. Nila is in pink. I am in black.

She did that a little bit. It wasn't standing, it was balancing on hands and toes. The above diagram is a little bit misleading as it would have you believe she was almost upright. She was not. The anlge was above 45 degrees, but not close to 90.

Eventually, though, she got up on her feet. That's right! Both feet solidly on the floor and an angle really close to 90 degrees!!

It was very exciting!

It should be noted that the photographs above are not of the event. They were taken two weeks ago. I posted them because they look like they could be of the event and because they're funny.


Mobea said...

And awwwwaayyyyy she goes!!!! Yeah, Nila woo whoo! Such a big girl now. Now mom will need roller skates to keep up with you. Go, Nila!!!1

Tammy said...

Well sounds like she might take after her Dad a bit. Remember I told you Bob didn't crawl too much and on his 1st birthday he decided that would be the day to walk!! Now I really have to get my butt in shape to chase her around Disney!!! :)

jen said...

SWEET! You go, Nila!

Aimee said...

Way to go, Nila!

Ness Kinney said...

Go Nila. And I did not know your real dad was a black man, right on.

Mobea said...

Dear Nila,
Grandma Mo would like to know what words you are learning to say too.
What was you first word? What is your favorite word? What do you like to touch the most? What do you dislike the most? Have you discovered a whole new world now that you are standing up? And startig to walk?