Friday, November 30, 2007

From Nicole to Nicole

Hi Aunt Brandi...
Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and that I miss you. I hope you're having a good time with all of your friends at home without me there to hang out with. One of our friends here got me this cool butt shaking seat toy thing - I kind of love it - it has a blue elephant that hangs down from this bar at the top and I can even touch the elephant now and grab it sometimes! You would be so impressed, I'm sure. Mom and I were chilling out under the covers the other morning (literally) and she told me that she kind of misses you. She showed our friends here the picture of you two "moons" and they said it was a very good picture. I think that you would like it here (for a few days). Let me know if you're going to come visit and I'll find a blankie for you!

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Brandi said...

Dear Nila,
I miss you soooooo much too. I was wearing my white hoody the other day, thinking about when I had you zipped up with me. Do you remember that? Yeah, my jacket just feels a little too big now. When you get home, you probably won't fit in it with me. Well, unless I am much skinnier :) I've been thinking about you and mommy and daddy. Believe it or not, I miss them too, but don't tell them. I'm glad that you like your butt shaking seat. It sure sounds like a lot of fun. I will be able to write to you more next week when my internet is finally hooked up. Just know that I am missing you and love you bunches! I guess it would be okay if you tell mommy that I miss her too :) Just don't tell daddy. I like to keep him guessing.

Aunt Brandi