Friday, October 26, 2007

Circa 1965

These are the pictures that were taken when we applied for Nila's passport. The one above was clearly unusable, but we like it for its artistic value.

The pics below make it look like our baby is an immigrant. They look like we all snuck over the border and got arrested, but, before they deported us, they took our pictures. They took our pictures in 1965.

So, those were the rejects. This one was the one we put on the passport. Doesn't she look great?

1 comment:

AngiesMomMo said...

ROFL!!!!!(Rolling on floor laughing)
The first two bottom pics look like she has two big duck feet. Is her hair naturally growing straight up? She is so stinking cute, I just can't stand it!!!!I just want to hold her and love her and squeeze her and kiss her and love her and hold her and squeeze her and kiss her.....